Cluster B – Good, Evil, Certainty, and Uncertainty



Science is about what is. Morality is about what should be. In the Middle Ages, Western man believed God was micro-managing everything. There must not have been much of a divide between science and morality in those days. God’s will was automatically the ultimate good and the way things were the expression of that will. I guess things were a lot simpler then. If anyone tried to question those verities, he was burned as a heretic.

Reason, Enlightenment and Renaissance made things a lot more complex (and more interesting). Man came to understand that what is was not the same thing as what should be. Sure, it all had to be God’s will as long of God was believed to be in charge. But God’s will wasn’t always the good. God allowed evil to reign for limited periods of time with the understanding, of course, that the…

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