The Stars Broke With Me

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Words and stars, and a heart

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Not everything is meant to happen. As much as it seems like it’s written in the stars, you are holding all the cards, but the stars… they don’t always align and those cards… well, they are nothing more than paper. We hold them like a full house, a split deck, shuffle them with wishes, hoping this hand is lucky. And they fall. Don’t they always fall? The stars never really do. I’ve never really seen my name written in the sky anyway. The stars never promised anything to me. But these words come out. They split my heart, spin around in my chest, flick my throat, I always choke. And so I let them pour out, pen them down on paper. For what? I have to question what it’s all for anyway, because it doesn’t always feel beautiful, the way words should, or maybe how they could, if they didn’t…

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