“Disordered Characters”

Cluster B – “Helping” the Psychopath?


'I'm quite full of myself. I don't want you to tinker with that.'Psychiatry and Psychology are considered to be among the healing arts and, as such, the patients, those who are the professional concern of practitioners of those two fields, are supposed to be the objects of their caring. But they don’t always feel an inclination to care for everyone. Case in Point: Many of these professionals have long had a problem understanding how to deal with the folks they call psychopaths. Too often, we are seen as the bad guys and don’t always seem to fit the mold of psychiatric patients. Hervey Cleckley was one of the first to define us in a way 'I let my conscience be my guide, and it turned out to be a sociopath.'that modern man understands with his book The Mask of Sanity. He was nonplussed by the way his psychopathic patients seemed … well … normal. He made a checklist of  psychopathic traits which Robert Hare followed with an updated checklist that is used…

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