Wire in the Blood

Christine Ray – Lightening Rod

Brave & Reckless

Originally published by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

the line
between the face
I show the world
and my shadow self
increasingly grows thin
superimposed images
no longer clear
where one ends
and the other begins
I walk
heel to toe
on the
knife’s edge
light and
heaven and
embracing the risk
there is wire in my blood
tang of copper
taste of hot iron
when I lick the rich
red droplets
off my fingers
from the scabs
I deliberately
scratch open
I like how alive I feel
when I bleed
there is purity
to my pain
a high that happy
never offers
I know what I am supposed
to want
but my shadow self
wants to drive for a while
that part of me doesn’t give a
about content
shadow me craves
tightrope-walk-over-the-abyss recklessness
90-mile-an-hour drives
down winding dirt roads
back alley open-mouthed…

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