I forgot what it was like to argue with a Trump supporter… til tonight.

The Chatty Introvert – A reasonable debate across the divide? Yea, right,

The Chatty Introvert

I suppose it’s a natural consequence of not wanting to talk on the phone so late (and trying to relax after getting bitten by dozens of mosquitoes while working outside). I just lost my cool and all the issues that’ve been coming up lately–the abortion-bans, creationist rhetoric, etc.–burst out of me.

My dad’s friend called to check up on me and somehow politics came in. I guess it was him reminiscing about my dad and how he always ended up talking politics with him.

I don’t remember what I said, but somehow we got into it. And it was about the abortion bans going on.

What drove me nuts were the old standard tropes I’d always heard, like how most people who get abortions are black, that black women don’t wanna work and just wanna push out babies to get government benefits (the “welfare queens” thing–sheesh, didn’t Reagan trot that…

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