Saving the World

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Yes, you can and must.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

The biggest lesson you can learn is that no one is going to live your life for you. No one is going to do everything for you. Ever. This is crucial to understand because no matter where you come from or how you were raised, your life is up to you. It’s in your hands. Maybe there will always be people catching pieces you drop, or bracing your fall, but in the end, it’s your call. You can go anywhere you want. You can do anything you want. But you have to get there on your own. No one is going to pave the roads, love, and sometimes, most of the time, those roads are rough. You have to learn to brace yourself, catch yourself, applaud for yourself. You take the road to where you want to go and do the work to stay, without looking back at anything behind…

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