Normal Psychopaths

Cluster B shares an article on how psychopaths are portrayed and misunderstood and stigmatized.



An article by Jessica Brown, This is How Normal Life Feels as a Psychopath, is very spot on. A large part of my own motivation in blogging about psychopathy is the belief that with all the talk that goes on about us, we should have our own voice(s) to speak for ourselves. Ms. Brown talks about the misconceptions about psychopaths created by Hollywood and the media. I concur. But there are also misconceptions created by people who identify as “victims” or “survivors” of psychopaths. See A Psychopath’s Guide to Haters. So, without further ado, here is a reblogof Jessica Brown’s article:

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This Is How Normal Life Feels as a Psychopath

Everyday, nonviolent psychopaths say they’re nothing like the psychopath we see on our movie screens

Illustration by Jessica Siao


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