Trump’s Anger Drives Down Impeachment Polling

Calico Jack – Good reason for fear and rage

The Psy of Life

Anger has played an out-sized role in our politics and in our social fabric for decades now. Political anger is largely the province of conservatives. They play their constituents like a fiddle using anger as their bow. They play the fire brigade called to a burning building and throw gasoline into the flaming inferno of their constituents’ souls. They play anger in all its forms: righteous indignation, faux outrage, concern trolling, hysterical frothing fear mongering, rabid demagoguery… help me out here: what other forms of anger do they exploit?

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber is the leading purveyor of the most toxic angry bullshit. In fact, it is his expert wielding of anger that buoyed him to the top of the Repube political cesspool. It is his expert bludgeoning of the conservative psyche that keeps him there. Anger is his mighty truncheon to subdue dissent and impel his might flying monkey…

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