Hasty – Healing is not “getting over”.


Can inconsistency be a trauma?

The way he said he loved me
The way his eyes devoured me
How his hands moved over me
I remember feeling so high
Destination cloud nine please

He did everything right
Made me lemon squares
Opened my doors for me
Dressed up to take me out
“Let’s just drive around
I don’t want to share you”
Sincere smile
Holds my hand
I totally believed him…his lies

I look back now
And I can’t reconcile
The person he was
With the person he became
His intention was rape and
The last door he opened
Landed me on the ground
Dumped like a bin for trash day
And… he was gone

He still visits me
Everytime someone compliments me
Everytime I catch inconsistecy
My heart pumps adrenaline
Fearing the very worst
Not one part of me can handle
That kind if inconsistency again

And I…

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