The Inherent Advantages of Elizabeth Warren’s Candidacy

Calico Jack is impressed by one candidate.

The Psy of Life

I saw Elizabeth Warren on the MSNBC town hall hosted by All In’sChris Hayes in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It aired on Thursday 6 June. I was very impressed by what I saw. If you haven’t seen it, follow the link to the entire episode. I’ve embedded a specific clip later in the post. Also, full disclosure: I’m a big Elizabeth Warren fan.

After watching her in action, I got to thinking about how emotional expression affects perceptions, which has been a theme of the past several blog posts. One of the reasons that emotional expression is important is that it is viewed as honest. If you express an emotion, it is taken as true representation of your inner self in part because you don’t analyze it too deeply. You accept it. Emotional communication is less explicit than verbal. The attributes you make based off…

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