Election 2020: Live-Blogging the Live-Streaming of the Dem Presidential Debate, Day 1

Calico Jack will be live blogging the Democtat’s debate.

The Psy of Life

8:05 PM Christ, in the run-up to this live blogging of the live streaming of the debate has had me re-reading blog posts from the Election 2016 presidential debates and been having my PTSD reactivated. Just now, MSNBC was running some of their old commercials from Election 2016. Man, my blood is running cold and I’m shaking. That’s fucked up, amirite?

8:00 PM We are gearing up to begin our live blog. We’re listening to MSNBC coverage of the campaigns. Right now I’m listening to discussions of the no good very bad weeks that Buttigieg and Biden have had over race. That tells you something about how white guys are going to do in this primary, don’t it? Race is going to bite some of these white privileged guys in the ass.

Buttigieg in particular has benefited massively from white male privilege. He’s just been assumed to be a qualified…

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