Peering over the Edge

Jan Malique – More will come

Strange Goings On In The Shed

photo-1525847664954-bcd1e64c6ad8 Tim Mossholder at Unsplash

The Shed is temporarily changing its business hours, not that it operated according to a regular schedule anyway. Writing has been a chore at times, more so now that I’ve engaged in this odyssey. There are hazards littering the path of a anyone who professes to emulate the adventures of one such as Odysseus.

marc-zimmer-yktwU2t1qHA-unsplash (1) Marc Zimmer at Unsplash

Who knows what manner of Stygian beasts will emerge from the shadows ready to test these foolhardy individuals. I think a few of them have waylaid me over the past few months!

What now? A distinct lack of creative juice has left me feeling, okay. Okay’s fine. I may diverge occasionally from ‘okay’ to shining a torch into darkened corners of the psyche. Once again displaying that dangerous trait, curiosity. 

portrait-4263087_1280 KELLEPICS at Pixabay

At times it’s felt like I’ve peered over the edge of the world into…

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