BookBar’s Extremely Official Response to Extremely Negative Comments… With Book Recommendations!

At Book Bar, it turns out that drag queens can tell children’s stories without molesting a single child. Who knew? Anyway, levity aside – well no, levity is definitely in the mix in this great read.


After our Drag Queen Storytime was targeted by white supremacists this week, we received an outpouring of support and kindness from our community. We also received some negative comments via phone messages, email, social media, and in response to the news reporting of the incidents. We took the time to answer your questions and reply to your comments. We’re including some book recommendations because we are booksellers and Just. Can’t. Help. Ourselves.

Why Drag Queen Storytime in the first place?

We are a community bookstore that responds to the needs of the community. So we’ve tried out a variety of themes:

Fire & Brimstone Storytime: a man dressed as a preacher read stories about how children are born sinners and if they don’t act right they will be cast into a pit of fire for all of eternity, ruled by a demon with a pitchfork. If you have any feelings…

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