Fascification WATCH: The GOP’s Support for Trump’s Fourth of July Parade

Calico Jack – The “Salute to Trump” event 74/19

The Psy of Life

I’m so happy that you are visiting the inaugural post of Ye Olde Blogge’s new irregular series Fascification WATCH in which I document new signs and indications of the GOP’s promotion of a fascist regime in America. Given that this is July Fourth, I thought I’d start with the Trump’s grand homage to his own impotent incompetent ineptitude?

I’ll very briefly outline the definition, signs, and symptoms of fascism, which I’ve gone over in more complete detail in previous posts, just search fascism using the search widget in the right-hand column.

Robert Paxtonhas defined fascism asa form of political practice distinctive to the 20th century that arouses popular enthusiasm by sophisticated propaganda techniques for an anti-liberal, anti-socialist, violently exclusionary, expansionist nationalist agenda.He goes on to explain that the only goals that seem common to fascist regimes is to make the state stronger, bigger, and successfuller. And by…

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