HASTY – Pretending no more


The electricity flows

Through skin and bone

Anxiety restless

A pacing back and forth

How do I look?

Examines body

Fusses over face

How do I sound?

Practices hello

I’m so happy to meet you

Smile and smile again

Laugh small

Make sure it reaches

Your mascara eyes

Practice makes perfect


People are drawn

To happy

Don’t you dare cry

Not tonight

Not again

You’ll ruin everything

Here take a drink

Take the whole bottle

You’ll be fine

The burn feels good

Warm belly

Slow breath

Calm nerves

You’re amazing

You’re beautiful

People will love

This version of you

This made up person

That isn’t at all like you

**I miss her sometimes.

The way she smiled at everything and laughed if only to keep from crying. She was an AMAZING pretender. She was genuine with her love but not with her pain. She wasn’t selfish and gave whatever…

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