The Glory Of Meagan Rapinoe

Wine And Cheese Doodles celebrates a most dangerous type of woman.

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

For the last month my life has been full to overfull of women (and men!) gushing over other women. A lot of that space has been taken up by the US Women’s National Soccer Team and their World Cup journey. And while the UWWNT team shone, sparkly and bright, one woman repeatedly stood out, the unwitting object of the type of fan-girling usually reserved for K-pop mad tweens. But it’s not just young soccer fans going ga-ga over Meagan Rapinoe, it’s grown-ass women as well.

Like me.

I’m not sure if Megan Rapinoe and her pink hair could have come along at a better time, fully sprung from the head of Athena herself. Like a cool weather front, she swept in and pushed out the stale, humid air that’s been hovering above me. A penalty-kicking, balling wizard gale that blustered back the clouds, allowing a moment of joyous sunshine. Not…

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