HASTY – Smothered in fog


It’s the kind of fog

that stole my breath

Thick and shadowy

Dark skulking movements

that stuck to my skin.

Ominous and dangerous

It held the memory

of every broken scream

I hated this kind of fog

And for the longest time

It’s the only kind I knew

It swallowed the sun

leaving me isolated, afraid

In a state of unholy detachment

that measured me for death

and embalmed me with despair

There was a time that the fog was ALL I could feel. A nightmare house filled with shadows and taunting Jesters. Dark conjurors of manipulation and deceit. It was filled with false memories of delusion and self sabotage.

In that fog I fight a war against an invisible enemy. A war that can’t be won but can be survived. The fog is a part of who I am. It’s not the only thing I am.

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