Weekly MoC Call List: Important Votes for Wed. & Thur.

Calico Jack – Important votes in Congress this week or soon.

The Psy of Life

Okay, the first installment of the new regular post is a wee bit late. I blame Bastille Day! If you’ve ever been in France on 14 July, then you know it is a bit like the Fourth here, but will a “ball” at your local fire house and this year for added enjoyment an extra large gilet jaunes protest. Somewhere my dear departed mother is smiling in smug knowingness.

Well, this week is a lesson in why I shouldn’t be late with this post ever again — I’ll be late again — because there are three important votes coming up on Wednesday and Thursday. Read about them below. Follow the links to find out more including suggested calling scripts about each of the issues and bills and amendments on this week’s list.

Information on how to find the contact information for your member of Congress (MoC) is listed after the…

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