Good Night Moon – Marilyn Rea Beyer

Marilyn Rea Beyer – A good night and moon

Brave & Reckless

Yes, it was a Good Night.
Moon was full and golden
as the heat on the beach at
noon. Exhausted from the day,
I rode the train to a place where
soon stories would arrive and
people would tell them, ones I hadn’t
known. We’d listened and laughed
and were moved, quickening the fresh
boon of new friendship when
we find we share the very same
Moon. Night? Good.
Yes, it was.

Marilyn Rea Beyer has read poetry in public since the 1960s and began writing poems in 2005. She holds a Master’s in Oral Interpretation of Literature from Northwestern University. Now retired, her varied career includes teaching, high tech, folk radio and working as PR Director for Perkins School for the Blind. A native Chicagoan she and her husband, author and filmmaker Rick Beyer, raised their two children in Lexington, Mass.

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