Why I stopped believing that suicide is always a selfish act: reflections & a true story.

The Chatty Introvert shares a true story.

The Chatty Introvert

Some of you, dear readers, who have read previous posts about me, my family, and what I was up to, may have guessed at a few truths I wasn’t ready to reveal. However, I will also say that this true story was not the reason I suddenly changed my mind about suicide and the idea that it’s a selfish act.

I’d actually been questioning this stance for some time.

In the interest of truth, I’ll admit that a year ago yesterday, my father committed suicide. He’d been sick for so damned long (and I already wrote tons of blog posts related to care taking, the anxiety, and the fights that were a part of it). I won’t rehash everything that those posts mentioned, because you can look them up.

However, even a year ago, I did not blame dad for his suicide. I never once thought it was selfish of…

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