Christine Ray – Survivors, tested and fierce

Brave & Reckless

we hold onto to our stories
long after danger has passed
long after we have been liberated
by the intervention of others
by our own courage
by time
by circumstance
in part because of how your face changes
when we tell you our truth
you don’t mean to look at us differently
we know that
but we become someone different in your eyes
something different
we are not objects for your pity
we are not damsels in distress
we are not mysteries that need to be solved
we are not broken toys that need repair
we are survivors
we have walked through hellfire to get where we are now
we looked at ourselves
in society’s cracked mirrors that tell us lies
about blame
about shame
about our taint
about our ugly
and shouted fuck you
as we painted our faces for battle
in mud and crimson
we are…

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