Call List for your Weekly Call to your MoC: Impeach & Protect our Elections, Week of 28 July

Calico Jack’s issues call list for this week.

The Psy of Life

My oh my, has it been a busy week what with BoJo the Clown becoming the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s fellow pea in their Russian pod, Mueller testifying, the Senate Intelligence Committee issuing the first of five reports on Russian interference, Smitch declining to protect our elections, AGAIN, and us going off camping far far away from where the wifi roams free. So, I will post the weekly call list a few days early since we get back just before the first night of debates on Tuesday 30 July and I’ll be busy live blogging that.

Also, we have had to add a few features to this weekly post. First, we’ve had some updates on some of the issues that were spotlighted in the past and a link to Indivisible so that those wishing to join, find groups, print guides, or follow issues they do, can. It seemed like it fit…

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