The Light of You

Stepanie Bennett-Henry – Loving and letting Go

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Please know and always remember that I tried so hard. I was constantly fighting for you and for myself, suiting up every single day for a war that could not be seen. And I never gave up on you, love. You are the brightest light I have ever known and you healed me with your smile so many times. Honestly, as hard as it is to admit, there is an unwell part of me that is so tired. And I love you so much. But the unsound part of me has to lay the sword down. Not for you to pick up and carry, but for me to put this weight down and god, I know you’re going to fly so fucking high. When I unhook the anchor, when I pull myself out of safety, when I release all of this heaviness, I hope it makes you so light. I…

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