Causes of Mass Shootings: What’s Wrong with Blaming “Depraved Evil?”

Calico Jack – The Gaslighting trick of explaining without clarifying

The Psy of Life

In the wake of both the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, the Dems have been calling for Congressional action on common sense gun control and Repubes have been wringing their hands and mumbling about mental health and video games. Now we have our very own Kellyanne Conway opining that it is depraved evil, and what we need to do is “work to understand it better.”

This kind of response is itself the heart of depraved evil. It is sickening and vile and Conway — I’m convinced — knows exactly what she’s doing. Let’s put on the hazmat suits — make that our space suits because hazmats may not be sufficient protection from the toxicity of this cognitive Tom fuckery — and wade through the sludge of Conway’s psyche.

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