Featured Post: The Golden Notebook – Tamara Fricke

Tamara Fricke – Notebooks and colors

Brave & Reckless

Fractals flake
into color coded
notebooks, never
realizing the remnants
are wholly wiser
for leaving latent
traces of truth
like string, shepherding
mislaid migrants
through tiers
of ultramarine uncertainty.

Bombast dislodges teeth
leaving bones to moan
in places they don’t be long.
Artillery girdles me
and scaffolds tomorrow
with pock marked assurance
note it will never be that way…


When politicians seize
philosophical intent
never doubt pending
emblematic failure.
Yet, even in this,
failure’s fertilizer
fuels the labored push
needed to conceive

The irony of extension
facilitating the final blow
that spins this dervish out
and leaves fragments of another’s
fingerprints littered like
hammerscale about the room
is not obscured. Now, I am
the sulfer, smithed
and forgotten.

I am the lovelorn bullet
ricocheting off the blue
fractured summits and
red dawn hills. I embrace
my fractal existence but know
skeleton keys are…

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