Playlist abuse

Pattimouse – An amazing list – Songs of Abuse


*Tw- please don’t listen to any of these songs if you are in a bad place.

Due to the nature of these I am not going to do links. This is by no means all of the songs of this nature, feel free to comment any that I have missed.

“25 Years”, by Pantera
“13 ‘N Good”, by Boogie Down Productions & KRS-One

“Aawaz – Speak Up Against Sexual Violence”, by Jim Ankan Deka
“Adam Raised a Cain”, by Bruce Springsteen
“Alive”, by Pearl Jam
“All Day Long” , by New Order
“Alyssa Lies”, by Jason Michael Carroll
“Amelia”, by The Mission
“Anger Rising”, by Jerry Cantrell
“Ask Me”, by Amy Grant
“Apollo”, by Hardwell
“A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation, by Trivium
“Angels” by Within Temptation

“Bachpan”, by Rameez Khalid
“Baby’s Romance”, by Chris Garneau
“Bad Wisdom”, by Suzanne Vega
“Ballerina”, by Nicole 12

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