Anatomy of a Troll

Calico Jack tilts with a Troll

The Psy of Life

I had an unusual interaction the other day on Twitter… Oh, boy. Weird inexplicable exchanges with people on Twitter are about as common place traffic and enjoyable as a stubbed toe. This one did not disappoint.

But #silverlining! I realized I was looking at the anatomy of a troll! There is a method to that trolling madness. It was all laid out before me! I could use this otherwise useless interaction for something good!

We have a long tradition here at Ye Olde Blogge of addressing trolling. We’ve learned that trolls are mainly driven by everyday sadism — getting pleasure out of inflicting small amounts of discomfort on people. They want to see you run around and scream and shout.

Once again, I’ll be using the quick dip, shallow dive, and deep dive. I know we’re all busy, so you can choose from the menu…

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