Fighting fascism could get you classified as a terrorist – but the Raccoons of the Resistance are here | First Dog on the Moon | Opinion | The Guardian

Calico Jack shares the Raccoons of the Resistance

The Psy of Life

I came across this on The Guardian last week and thought it would be “cute” for a quick re-blog or Press This as WordPress calls it. While it is clearly not profaney, it is snarky and sarcasticky, so two out of three aren’t bad. And, who doesn’t love them some raccoons going through trashcans as they plot revolution, mayhem, and the rescue of our democracy?

Before you click through to The Guardian’s article with the cartoon, why not pause to make yourself a #MoscowMitchMule to enjoy it with? But watch out, it has a mean kick! Humor and cuteness is always better with a little libation to lubricate the laugh track. Our world is too full of hate and violence and mean mischief not have some fun while lampooning it and ourselves. Why not tell us which raccoon you most identify with in the comments?

Fighting fascism could get…

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