Meme: A Single-Party, Pseudo-Democratic Authoritarian Regime Just Like in Russia

Calico Jack – What the Republican Party is aiming for.

The Psy of Life

Given all of the cover being given to Russian interference in our election by the Repubes in general and #MoscowMitch in specific, you gotta start wondering if the entire ding-dang-dumb party ain’t been bought and paid for by Putin and Co.

Look at what has been reported recently:

  • Ellen Weintraub, chair of the FEC, released record evidence that the Repubes on the commission refused to investigate the relationship between Russian agent, Butina, and the NRA. They wouldn’t even let the commission contact the FBI to see if there was an active investigation going on.
  • #MoscowMitch won’t even allow debate on bills to protect our elections!
  • #MoscowMitch’s and Gov. Bevin’s roles in securing money from Rusal — the Russian aluminum monstrosity controlled by Oleg Deripaska– by lifting sanctions against Rusal and Deripaska. Then, the Pentagon white paper published recently describes how Russia uses such investments to compromise government officials into doing…

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