The “Donald Trump” Within All of Us

At SKYLARITY, Josiah Samuel Harry – Cleansing the inner Trump


President Donald J. Trump’s view of the world appears to be that of one who sees himself as better than the other. His treatment of those with whom he disagrees demonstrates a lack of human concern and compassion. Trump’s indifference—his casual exhibition of undignified speech and behavior paints the picture of a thoughtless, cruel, and heartless bully.
The danger of Trump’s penchant for playing kakistocratic politics with hatred and bigotry is farreaching. That is, whenever a person plays politics with elements that veer from normative and cultured behavior, such action imperils civil conduct and reasoned discourse—threatening our very democracy.
It is undeniable and unfortunate that Trumps’ rhetoric arouses the worst thoughts and passions within certain segments of the population and emboldens dark, sinister, and self-serving ideologies that foster intolerance, division, and violence.
While many would agree that Donald Trump’s character needs an overhaul, at the center…

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