Your Call Your MoC for the Week of Sunday 18 August: Steve King, Sister Lindsey’s Asylum Bill, SNAP, Guns, and SO MUCH MORE!

Calico Jack – So many reasond to call your MOC

The Psy of Life

It’s been a busy week! There is always lots to talk to your MoC about! I hope that you’re becoming first-name basis acquaintances with the staffers who answer your MoC’s office phone. “Hi Jezzabel, it’s me, Beelzebub calling, again! How’s the cat? And the dog’s anal infection? Still needing to clean the wound and apply the ointment? Yeah, that’s nasty. Can you connect me with the staffer who works with this issue, please?”

Remember, be polite. That’s a real live human being you’re talking to. No matter what the issue, we’re all real live American human beings and we should treat each other as such. Also, people help the polite; people spit in the food and drink of those who aren’t.

Anywho, here’s your call list! As always let us know how the calls go in the comments!

Five Issues

Steve King

There is a movement on to demand that…

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