Featured Post: Ain’t I a Woman? – Tamara Fricke

Tamara Fricke – A Woman and a Sister

Brave & Reckless

same skin and muscle
same strength and hunger
whole-souled and whetted wit
we are as constant as surging seas
more bountiful than fruited plains
filled with kinetic energy
and on the brink of eruption

Ain’t I a Woman?

having begged and cajoled
on bended knee, tongues lagging,
blurry-eyed, our pints
remain Sahara dry, and now
at the edge of starvation,
hallucinating from thirst
your flint and our tinder
set a stage for penitent fire

Ain’t I a Woman?

knowing a sister’s worth
lock-stepped together
our fire will rage so blistering
soot will render all ashen grey
and in final defiance,
refusing succor, we’ll whisper
at the grave, “ain’t you a woman?”

Tamara Fricke is the 2010 co-winner of the Gertrude Claytor Award of the Academy of American Poets and is previously published by The Lyon Review, Meat for Tea, Attack Bear Press Poetry Vending Machine, Whisper and the Roar, We…

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