Gracefully Unhinged

Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Dancing the unhinged Boogie, or, is it the Tango, or Ballet?

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I am gracefully unhinged, misunderstood without being sorry, and comfortable in this skin, stitched together with imperfections like a map that never fails to show me the way. And I walk with my heart, barely beating or splitting open, the middle never did know my name. I stand with my feet on the black and white, stepping over the cracks, where the gray threatens to break beneath me. And sometimes I jump on the cracks like a dare, wait there to ride the free fall, and hit bottom hard enough to choke; my heart always was in my throat. And with every breath, there’s a song on my tongue, pulling words and tasting lyrics that bust out alone without the music. I stay in the shadows of the solo, wait in the dark beneath the a cappella and dodge the exposure of the spotlight that may fall across my face…

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