Can We Prevent Mass Shootings By Preventing Suicide? | FiveThirtyEight

Calico Jack ponders Red Flag Laws and links to a relevant article.

The Psy of Life

Regular readers know that Ye Olde Blogge has a deep and abiding concern for gun violence. Guns provide the best of both worlds, murder and suicide, because they are so deadly. And, just for an added bit of fun, they make for dandy mass killing machines so we can all be entertained as much by the news as we are by our favorite movies and TV shows. After all, aren’t mass shootings riveting drama? They may not account for even a large percentage of annual gun-related deaths, but when they happen — and they happen every day — they are spectacular, especially the ones that make national news.

Many of these mass shootings are angry suicides

Unfortunately, for fans of mass shootings, they can’t compete with the multitude of shootings that don’t make the threshold of mass shootings. You know, the shootings that only kill…

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