Call Your MoC about Impeaching the Criminal in the WH — Week of Sunday 1 August 2019

Calico Jack – Why impeach? Lots of reasons – tell your MOC

The Psy of Life

We are all wanting to impeach the current squatter in the White House. No matter his crimes, we have to save the Resolute Desk from all the uric acid deposited onto it by all the pee-hookers the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is paying to piss on it… and American values.

With a judge slow-walking his tax returns, it is beyond time to openly declare an impeachment proceeding and get the documents and people before him and the American people! We shouldn’t have to explain this to anyone, amirite?


Now 135 House Dems support impeachment. To hear Steve Cohen (D – Tenn) tell it we are beyond impeachment inquiry, we are at impeachment proceedings. On Ari Melber’sThe Beat on MSNBC, he listed his reasons:

  • The Mueller Report cited ten possible instances of obstruction of justice and clearly illustrated that five of them met all three of the criteria.

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