Stephanie Bennett-Henry – Hacked on Face Book

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Well, idk what to say. Looks like I now have access to this page. Who knows how long that will last. As for Raging Rhetoric, I have been removed as an admin. I do not have control over that page. I have spent the last 5+ years on that page. Building it up. And it looks like it was all for nothing. I cannot get FB to respond to me other than an automated email that tells me my account has been disabled, which I already know.

Please please please if you can- report to FB in anyway whatsoever to let them know that my personal FB account has been disabled and someone has gone into my pages and removed me as an admin on Raging Rhetoric and added themselves. I have made a cyber crimes report. Who knows if that will help.

I am really at a loss for…

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