Call Your MoC about Protecting the Tongass National Forest — Week of Sunday 1 August 2019

Calico Jack – Call your MOC to stop Trump’s plan to destroy largest temperate rain forest on Earth.

The Psy of Life

While 20% of the Amazon rainforest is burning, and the earth is losing acreage at a football field and a half a day, and if we lose another 5% of the forest, it won’t recover, our very model of a modern stable genius, has decided to exempt Alaska’s Tongass National Forest from 20 year-old logging restrictions!

Tongass National Forest is a temperate rainforest. At 16.7 million acres, it is the worlds largest remaining temperate rainforest. Like all rainforests, it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and returns oxygen. Because of their size these two rainforests are important for staving off climate change that is causing global average temperatures to rise, extreme weather events, and rising ocean levels.

Logging means road building to get equipment and people into the forest and timber out. The Clinton administration imposed a “roadless” rule on national lands that allowed logging, energy, and mining along existing roads…

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