A Nation That Isn’t Crazy About Labor Celebrates Labor Day – Wonkette

Calico Jack – What is Labor Day, really?

The Psy of Life

One thing we want to do at Ye Olde Blogge is introduce annual days of acknowledgement, remembrance, and recognition. And, what better day for a progressive blog to do so with than Labor Day? Labor Day is an extra day in the year for laborers to have free to get shit faced and forget how shitty their shitty lives are for a moment before dragging themselves back to their shitty jobs hungover and all that shit.

As explained in this excellent annual Wonkette article, Labor Day was created to help pacify the teaming masses yearning for better treatment at work or in the words of conservative rich fat fucks, socialism. Demagoguing socialism and communism to split labor and pit one laborer against another is an age old fun parlor game that rich fat fucks and their political allies have been playing for a century and a half to keep the…

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