Forced to Dance – Lani Larson

Lani Larson – Liberated baloons

Blood Into Ink

Lani Larson

It was her seventh birthday but she found her attention stolen.
So many balloons everywhere.
Some shiny, some dark with the smell of rubber.
Each one was tied to a chair on that warm Spring day.
They danced wildly in the wind.
This was very upsetting, giving her a stomachache…
One that had nothing to do with too much cake.
Birthdays came and went.
Wishes were made.
Surprises never appealed to her.
Being startled by groups of people seemed invasive.
She told him this many times.
And yet, she found herself shocked and taken off guard.
He preened as all fawned over his grand gesture.
The wind blew and the smell of rubber caught her nose… No.
Turning, she saw balloons everywhere.
Friends and family handed her gifts, smiles and kisses…
But, she just stared.
Those balloons were dancing…
You might believe that was what they wanted.
The thing is…

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