Featured Post: Happy Endings Are All Alike II – Robert G Wertzler

My second iteration on the Happy Endings prompt

Brave & Reckless

Oh, those happy endings
Don’t they always go
“And they lived happily ever after”?
In the fairy tales and rom-coms
It always seems so
And we are left to believe that
Is all we need to know
That there is no more story
Did Cinderella’s prince help
With the diapers and never
Cast an eye on a young chambermaid?
Did Rapunzel’s hero not
Go off on knightly adventures
Leaving her to mind the castle?
Did Harry and Sally never argue
Who would take out the garbage
Or were to go on vacation?
And what of old age and illness
Are we to believe there’s none of that?
Or, are they all really more akin
As are we all in romance
To Thelma and Louise
Taking mad and joyous flight
Toward an unknowable landing?
All alike? So it seems. So it goes.

Bob Wertzler is retired from almost twenty years in…

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