teufelshund – mb

MB – Fighting matters, part of the price

Brave & Reckless

time has passed by here
i pan the room i see my books
my drawings and the vibrant colors
the outfits different styles
yet mostly all black
the sleeves must remain long
security blanket still after all these years
the incense stretches smoldering in the potted plant
in Garudasana pose Cedar wood and salt
invasive thoughts seep through the fragile lucidity
of this quiet uneasiness the price i’ve had to pay
i shut my eyes i don’t trust closing them yet
at times boot camp trainings thrice removed
refuse to be shrugged off
i look in the mirror morning and night
brush the teeth etc. etc.
but today i’m feeling brave on an anniversary
of yore the battle of Werdin Place
and i see me in the mirror
piece by piece like a color by number pic
as the nights pass by hand in hand
i’m smitten with and embrace…

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