Featured Post: The Well of Loneliness – M.A. Morris

M.A. Morris – The bottom of the well

Brave & Reckless

Searching for something
In this void
Of fatigue–
A tender touch
Or warm skin to lie against,
A hope to grasp
When against slick

Hours pass.
Anger and sadness silently left
And closed the door.

But the heart is chambered
Like a shell,
Swirling down within itself
Until reaching a breaking point
Of being long overdrawn,
Overworked, over tired,

Still learning in the stillness
Of time mixed with languages
Neither known nor understood
At all.

When there be no common ground
To stand upon–
A start, a beginning is lost.
In the travels
To find new shores
In this age
Without directions
Or something resembling
The instruction manual.

Turn to ask a friend,
“How does that dialogue go again?”
But there is no answer
In the old cliché’ of “seek and ye shall find”
You’ve knocked upon the door
And no one answered.

Live days in…

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