The Well of Loneliness – Mike/The Wimsel Loop

Mike/TheWimsel Loop – Furnwick at and in The Well Of Loneliness

Brave & Reckless

The thing that Furnwick found most curious about the Well of Loneliness – once he had searched half the world (it seemed) to find it, finally – was how un-lonely he felt when he at last looked therein.

For in it he saw the faces of every other wandering-lost soul who had struggled to get to that very place and moment, and themselves peer deeply in, all in hope of learning from what they had come, and to where and when they then belonged.

What Furnwick could not appreciate at that time, was that he saw all of the other Lonely at every other time, both before and beyond his own; they found each other across time and place, and his was but one of many Lonesome Wells, arrayed across all the many worlds.

His face looked upon at each of the Lonely in all of those other lonesome moments…

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