Dear Facebook

Stephanie Bennett-Henry is still having hacker trouble on Face Book and Face Book is not getting it fixed.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

On August 31, 2019, my personal FB profile was hacked. My account was immediately permanently disabled and my business pages were compromised. I watched as I was removed as admin from my business pages and someone else put their name there. I reported the issue every day for 5 days and finally the issue seemed to be resolved. But it was far from resolved. While I was able to get back into my pages, the hackers had placed a fake agency into all of the pages I was admin on and listed that agency as the owner of those pages. They named the agency/owner Raging Rhetoric, which is the name of my page. But that was not placed there by me. I started a FB business account several years ago but it is under the account info from the first FB profile that was disabled by FB.

Raging Rhetoric is…

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