From the Spam Queue: E-Waste Recycling, Pandora, & Non-Surgical Nose Jobs, the Wonders of Commenting Bots

Calico Jack – Spam comments are one thing, but nonsense spam comments are amazing.

The Psy of Life

I’m often amused by the spam that comes through the comment section. I usually sift through them before deleting them; it is a great procrastination technique! And, I have found legitimate comments that for whatever reason ended up being sorted into the spam section. I think there were two in the past four years, so the odds are not high.

I’ve also thought often about publishing some of the more amusing ones. Some of the people — or AI programs — writing these comments can come pretty close to sounding like a legitimate reader commenting on a post. Others are just ridiculous in their assemblage of words and phrases trying to sound erudite. And, the ones that are just lists of URL’s containing malware or worse are just disappointing — does anyone ever click on those things? Really?

But this one, dear reader, is something to…

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