Taps-Gerry Hanna

Gerry Hanna – Not Tonight

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

I put in the plug

And I turn on the taps

I look at the blade

As again my mind snaps

I sit on the edge

And my hand I dip in

It’ll need some more hot

Before I can begin

I step into the hall

And I stop by their door

See my son’s sleeping there

As my tears hit the floor

Softly back to the bath

Hear the dog’s quiet whine

The kitchen door’s shut

Yes, he knows it is time

I lock both the doors

Sit back down on the rim

I pick up the blade

Now the end can begin

One glance in the mirror

And I can’t look away

Where did this come from

Who’s the piper I pay

And as I look in my eyes

See all the hurts and the cries

The tears on my cheeks

There will be no bye-byes

I turn…

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