I Am the Woman – Dom Mitchell

Dom Mitchell – Take your mother’s warning seriously boy.

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

I’m the woman you’re mother warned you about
The one people wince at what may come out of my mouth
I say what I want even at your grandmothers house
I might even slouch on her couch
Peep my reflection and take a selfie with my tongue out
Yea that’s me.
The one she told you could never be a wife
Because I’m too obscene
Five foot nine, with half my height in my legs
Covered in ink, with clothes that compliment my curves
Your mom wants you with a tamable girl
Not one that makes her son beg
She only wants the BEST, I guess you’re her whole world
But I’m the girl with a past life
A girl who wasted all her twenties being lost in the fast life
Two kids with two daddies, with no desire to have more
no grand-babies for her
I bet your mom…

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