Beyond the Horizon

Jan Malique – A meditative encounter with His Nibs

Strange Goings On In The Shed


The image heading this post had been deleted several times, and reinstated several times. You would rightly assume that it had struck a chord with me, pricked my finger like a vicious thorn on a beautiful rose. This unforgettable artefact is from the Naqada III prehistoric period in Asyut, Egypt (about 3500-3100 CE). It’s a ceramic model of a boat containing a man in a fetal position journeying into the afterlife.

I’ve been meaning to use the image as a focus for meditation, but found excuses to avoid the exercise. On reflection this is an insight in itself. It seems so obvious now, the boat resembles a womb containing a fetus. Birth into rebirth, twice born initiate. Uh oh, straying into favourite territory again. It’s been a while since I ventured beyond the horizon into shadowy country. His Nibs (Anubis) has been absent for a while, until now. 

johannes-plenio-DKix6Un55mw-unsplash Johannes…

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