Featured Post: Kissing the Witch – Deanna Raymond

Deanna Raymond – Kiss me, kiss the Witch

Brave & Reckless

I am ancestor
my bones hum with her fury
“Witch” they spat at her
for daring
to be outspoken
too loud
too much
“Witch” they chided
as they poked and prodded
tried and convicted
She- unrelenting in her innocence
until her last strangled breath
She surges through my veins
and I will always sing
her legacy
So know
that when you kiss me
you are kissing the Witch
can’t you feel your sweet blood
rise to meet mine
as we join?
Our ancestral Feminine
glorifying all
that is wild, bold
each deep aching breath
a testament
of power reclaimed.

I am a single Mom of two teenage boys, a massage therapist and physical therapy assistant living in New England.  I have been writing poetry and journaling stream of thought since I was a young girl.  Writing has always been therapeutic and at times life saving for me. …

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