Un/non sellable Poem-Kushal Poddar

Kushal Poddar – Speculative thoughts and a bird

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

Let’s make children for
those detention centers,
one more, once more.

In the cells of vapor
a face becomes the other.
The other another.

All return, you know;
only you don’t know
what they look like

A bird on your shower room
window sill stares at you
as if you’re its day’s grain or its genesis.

© 2019 Kushal Poddar

Authored ‘The Circus Came To My Island’, ‘A Place For Your Ghost AnimalsUnderstanding The Neighborhood’, ‘Scratches Within’, ‘Kleptomaniac’s Book of Unoriginal Poems’, ‘Eternity Restoration Project- Selected and New Poems’ and now ‘Herding My Thoughts To The Slaughterhouse-A Prequel’ (Alien Buddha Press)

Author Page – amazon.com/author/kushalpoddar_thepoet

Twitter- https://twitter.com/Kushalpoe

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